Tips on How to Relieve Cough from a Cold or the Flu.

We know how bothersome a constant cough can be: it can keep you awake at night, make you dizzy, and even cause loss of bladder control. So, how can you stop coughing incessantly? The key is to suppress it.

What is a cough exactly? Coughing is actually very functional: it is a natural reflex that helps protect the lungs by clearing them of irritants such as smoke and mucus. However, it can also be associated with a cold or flu virus. A cough can be either dry or chesty, and productive (producing mucus) or non-productive (not producing mucus). Chesty coughs are usually productive, while dry coughs are typically unproductive.

Dry cough is not associated with excess mucus and is likely the result of some irritation. Dry cough can be treated with cough suppressants, such as dextromethorphan, which is present in AXIM Daytime and AXIM NightTime.

Chesty cough can be both productive and unproductive. It is caused by an excess of mucus in the lungs and airways, and you may have difficulty expectorating (coughing up) the mucus to clear the airways. Chesty cough is sometimes treated with an expectorant called guaifenesin, which is present in AXIM Sinus Severe + Mucus. This will help thin the mucus and make the cough more productive. Dextromethorphan is often combined with guaifenesin to help soothe the cough